Dante, Inferno Canto VI

After the family that loved too much, senses returned,
New sinners and their sufferings, my mosquito eyes went everywhere,

The third circle, rain, cold and heavy, barrage and forage, rain,
Unchanging, the earth’ll not be fine tomorrow. Stones,
Huge, hail, from the unstated above,
Here’s cats and dogs, and dancing on the souls, with claws to rip the skin,

Red in the eye, black fur,
Quivering and slavering, outhowling the sinners here,
The dog showed us three sets of yellow fangs.

Aeneas, clanging, shut in the jamboree of bronze,
Took the same road, less pressed by feet,
Stopped by the same Cerberus,
The Sibyl threw honey cakes into the dog’s mouth,
But we are modern, we have mud for a meal,

Virgil threw it and this gave the beast something to chew on.


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