Of Fate

From The Black Lagoon

Which philosopher said we are all slave to Fate? I am sure there must be one, if not several.
The Future is always aphoristic – these pithy sayings are such as can survive and go forward, small and strong when other thoughts, larger and unwieldy, fall down. So men take the small things, concentrated and build new with them.
Fate loves a rebel.
‘Tis not Fate that kills you, ’tis a bullet.
Fate will guide the willing man – an unwilling man she drags.

Fate, the woman has all the huckster of being of a family, but I rather suspect she cannot be of a family.
And Fate, a comely woman, spoke to Pulpitt – drove into his turbulent mind at this moment, to leave him in no doubt of what would await him.

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