Dante, Inferno Canto 22 (3rd part)

And turning to my master:

—A little more time for your interrogation,
But quickly now, before I have my crack at him,

At which, Virgil:

—Tell me about your fellow sinners under the pitch,
Are any there Italian?

Gasped out, among spittle and tar:

—I have just left one who was nearby there,
More cautious of the talons, he stays hidden,
If I’d done the same…

Libicocco, far too eager:

—I’m not waiting for this… Time for another go!

And with his grapple, dug into an arm, ripping, took off a steak.
Draghignazzo also looked as if to grab his legs,
Again their corporal threatened, lashed out,
Quelled them back to military discipline.

The Navarrese sadly, slowly, disconcerted at another wound,
Eyed it.

—Who was it that you were talking about just then? A name…?

I’m not sure we should be doing this…

—Fra Gomita of Gallura, the sort capable of absorbing any fraud,
He took backhanders to let people off fines
His master fined them, he took a little bit less to write it off,
Good little carousel, to write it all off until next time,
A platinum swindler, yep.

He always associates with Don Michael Zanche
They are always on about Sardinia together,
They can still talk, punishment hasn’t slowed them down that much.
But the demons are coming for me again, … so if it’s all right with you,

Barbariccia holding off Farfarello,
Eager to strike, pupils dilated, eyes rolling:

—Off him, we’ll have some order here,
Back off! Now!

—Actually, if you do have something going with friend demon here,
I’d be happy to tell you more,
If you, you know, could get them off my case…?
Lombards, Tuscans, anyone from down your way
I can whistle up all my friends,
Which we do when the coast is clear and we get out of the pitch
For a quick ten minutes cooling.

At that, Cagnazzo lifted up his snout,
Shook his head, and said:

—We’re not going to fall for that one.

Well, frankly, yes, they could have known,
Who are we dealing with here, if not a slippery customer?
His days had taught the unknown Navarrese.

—I suppose… when I say friends, not sure I meant it quite that way,
In fact, I don’t think so, I don’t like them that much at all,
Not a problem to me if they get some as well…
So, maybe I could bring some more out to you,
If you let go of me, leave me on the bank,
Hid behind that bank there
They might come out…

One in the hand, but he offered what, six, eight sinners?
Alichino warm to the idea, despite the others:

—If he did try to get back to the pit,
I’d have him well before, my wings can cover the ground,
We could leave the bank and hide behind that sloping part there,
One of you on ten of us,
He wouldn’t have a chance,

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