Dante, Inferno Canto 27 (2nd part)

I was just waiting for Virgil to… when my leader nudged me:

—No, you speak to him
Do you think I know what’s going on up there?

And having not been allowed to speak to Ulysses:

—What can I say… When is Romagna ever free of war,
With such warlike leaders? But it’s not war on the field at the moment.
Ravenna is much as it was, under the control of the eagle of Polenta,
The father of Francesca da Rimini, his arms are an eagle,
The Polenta family, they also hold Cervia.

Forlì held out against the besieging French, until they were piled up in heaps,
Is now again beneath the green claws of the lion, the Ordelaffi family
Promotion, relegation, what matters it, the money dictates,
Maybe Fiorentina one year can live with the big guys.

Rimini is under Malatesta, and his son, little Malatesta,
The father imprisons them, son assassinates them,
Both Faenza and Imola are controlled by Maghinardo,
Who is a Guelph or Ghibelline depending on summer or winter.

Cesena – that’s more democratic, slightly… not great, but better than most,
The people have some say, with Galasso da Montefeltro in charge.

But now, we’ve told you how it stands,
It seems only fair you tell us who you are,
So that we can put you into history.

The fire still roared, the point then quivered a little,
He doesn’t name himself immediately, he doesn’t actually do it at all…

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