Elektra III

Elektra, in slow secrecy, allows the high-built towers to soak into her,
Secure their anchor to the rock of the planet, tethered, they go only to the sky.
Clever to demand belief in the way they do and she isolates their vile success,
Belief demanded from those never shown another way,
One Answer received, one Answer given, perforce.

Shouldn’t the people of Alba have realised? By now?
Shouldn’t they know they operate on one Answer out of a many?
That always they trot in masses toward?
That every faction they weld has the Answer as stated policy?
(Their hustings are not of great excitement).
Told in the loudest voice has deafened them,
The people, Samson taken to the sheets
And shorn by murderous murderous chaff.

She’s got eyes for the stagnancy,
The laziness from populace to governance, there ‘s a King gone to quoits and bowls and falconry,
A no-good Piers Gaveston beside, full of pleas to be indulged,
While at the palace, a Richelieu places his seal to the great charters, his job all spun in disguise.

That a monoculture cannot prosper forever?
That they are derelict in their duty?
That they tramp incurious, content to make yesterday today?
That they be on the qui vive, that acrid should be their enquiry,
It ‘s not as if things are so good round here.
The Answer has found a means to consume, as life will eat all smaller life
It has taken the light, insatiate, from the trees in the canopy,
All the others, they lie unused,
When a multitude of Answers could have their trial.

A black blazing Sun rises today, on a sky of vermilion,
She’s got eyes for the stagnancy (and if blinded tonight might be happier), knowing,
And grabbing at passegiati with fierce rays,
Daring them to defend their God in all his inactivity,
But still these Albans go, oblivious to their forehead number,
Bumbling bluegrey carp in a murky pond, the postnoon too hot to bother,
Not to create the world, since their God has done it for them.
Knowing that they are lethal, these fools, with their answer so well supplied,
I am an Answerist, I am greedy for many, says Elektra.

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