The Black Lagoon 2.1

It is a great imagination to make a ship in reversal — which creates a small demesne where the world, therefore all the Laws of the World, must be put also in reversal; a Blotch, which might wax across the whole globe, or has the capabilitie to.
But then this is an odd World.
Imagination can be to upset and reset. And be ever mutable, so great, but so flimsy: swapping, as if in the mirror, Occident becoming Orient,
New Providence, to suggest the Old Providence was worth but a cat’s candle,
Christmas Island shall become Easter Island,— aye in Time, and Time is what we cannot have back.
May the Happy Isles never be sadden’d.
The witty imagination is to look first at the opposite, and then build oneself back. Remember how our Guv’nor made a ship in topsy turvy — and the universe was not so discomforted as to punish him immediately.

As a lookout peers far across the ocean rim, and receives the Indistinct, tries to make firmer what he sees from what he knows, Men are forever looking deep into their own Fever. They have a habit of making the solid from the vaporous.
Half in, half out, a Mermaid appears ordinary in both Worlds that she be in, good in both Worlds she be in. The Juxtaposition is the Fantastick, and a Proof. So this Imagination can be the Jointing of the worlds, an effective union, a full union. The Imagination embraces its own tricks.

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