The Black Lagoon 2.2

Imagination can be a gambler. Per example, in the running of greyhounds, or coursing of hares,
Or if men are sparring, caught by a strong visualisation — the like of that of any barefoot preacher, that you are sure of the result.
Woe unto Mr. Tobias, for I have hankering for Mr. Jemson this afternoon on the heath.
The fight’s Out-come is before they strip their clothes, before any has been drubb’d, fix’d (nay, not fix’d by Gentleman acting dishonestly), but fix’d in fate by calculation of responsible factors. And if that could be known, solidly, then we would earn money on wagers, as securely as a day’s honest toil.

We yearn to be given a nearer, more complete, revelation of the divine will. So the Wish of Men here is to be led from the Imagination back to solid Ground of Certainty.
However, an imagination can send men out. By force majeure, at first, the Huguenots, they are all turn’d out of France, the Catholics having a Disagreement with them, they went to Nottingham, for the Lace, and White-chapel, for the Silver, they hammer their Hammers, they weave and spin. Some go to farther Shores, to Madagascar, and then to the smaller Islands, making their own Countrie.
An imagination the sine qua non of creation. See the wit and knowledge that has built another port and town in these savage surrounds — Port Royal has been built from Nothing, and now Port Royal has its own Docks and Ware-houses and a Council and a Governor, all the Ingenuities.

Imagination may see a Street in Port Royal, with Taverns and Grog-shops and a Boy lately applying a White-wash to a Wall,
See a Man walking with a Blunderbuss Pistol,
And a Clergyman in black Cloth also there walking,
See a Crowd stop the Clergyman, for him to be spat on and buffeted by those there,
And the Man with a Pistol shoot him for the Effront of being a Clergyman in that Town,
And a Woman calling out Eels, who succours the Clergyman as he bleeds out his Last, who is a fallen Woman,
See her cursing out the Culprit, a Man who has slav’d in Angola, and may have been a French-man, afterwards going down to Suriname and be kill’d there himself,
So that, this utter’d in front of her crowd of witness, these may think that the Curse is a Connection, hung on his neck as a Sign for Death to reach him eventuallie and unstoppablie.
Not so. The Pyrates and other Sea-men will despise the Clergy, but with a Compunction not to interfere with them overly, and never to murther One of their Number. It cannot be true.

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