The Black Lagoon 3.1

“There is not a sensible Man alive who will not accept the West Indies to be a new Power,” said Parson Wrotney.
At table, and Mr Pulpitt was not fixing his mind on the conversations, wrapt up after the Governor had explained his requirements, eating away, some kind of cabbage and cream, and a fowl dish, and working the problems not yet solved, while the talk went round him, about barrels, he thought he glean’d, and not politicks for once, logwood was poor for barrels, and sprung its staves some how, fowl, chicken or guinea, with nutmeg and potatoe…
In faith, he has not yet solv’d all the problems of starting the mules. If they should baulk… refuse to take past the first strain,— because a man at the Corn Exchange had said they would,— the Mule is prime and exemplary when it has a load to carry and it carries it,— but to start against a Strain, it will not.
And he had rushed about, to consult with any other Muleteers he could find. Nonsense, they all had said. The least of your Problemes.
But his mind is not yet at rest… and he wonders whether to design a harness, or it might have to be Sailors used, singing out their oath-ridden Pulls.
What? …. They were on him, waiting on an Answer, and he knew not where at all it was with the Conversation.
“The parson was informing us that Any Man with an Ounce of Wit must Know the West Indies will Become a New Power.” Sir Benjamin spoke with a mockery, which the slow parson would not himself observe. For this Topick had already received much Talk; likely, all men with an Ounce of Wit on the island of Jamaica had grown brainsick of the continuall discourse on the Indies’ bright future.

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