The Black Lagoon 3.2

“Indeed so, Mr Wrotney,” said Mr Pulpit. “We are in good relations with our cousins of English America, so that we have a small empire already. And I can well imagine Disputations between the East Indies and the West, should we to stand here a hundred years from now, if not, as a sadness, Wars. And London may lay about as ruined as do Rome and Athens, after had come their Appointment to fall.”
Sir Benjamin grimaced a small one.
“And I for one, hope that our stronger societie will always keep good relations with those left in the English Isles,” the younger man went on.
“Stronger, Mr Pulpitt?” asked the Parson.
“Ah yes,” injected the Governor, “Explain your theories to the good Parson here, do. Our Mr Pulpitt is studying at the Vigour of Societies, that is his Scholarship, he has made an Arithmetic to show how it all may grow up.”
“What is this?”
There and again the Governor is being sly, Mr Pulpitt gulped at his throat.
“It is, sir, the heterotick Principle. This is the hidden Foundation of our Society, I believe, the Nature of a Society or People. It is true that to a first order like will choose to combine with like as the people come together in groups, but may, in times, combine with unlike in a secondary fashion… Heterophily, sir, a desire to introduce new blood”
Really, he wants to think on the building. Parson Wrotney being at the table, why had he been caused to be invited;— that countenance will freeze a man’s tongue. He has said too much already.

Pulpitt is a scientist measuring the heterosis, or hybrid vigour, of a people. That a cross-breeding, a combination of variant Aspects across Races, is a vital and not well-understood part of Human Geographie and Sociolics. The first stage of his work, the establishment of an Index that describes the Diversitie or Chaos or even Surprize, of a Society — he is not yet sure what to call it — has largely been completed.
With this Index obtained and measured across a number of Societies, as well as he can, Pulpitt can now seek deductive results. To be able to refer to Societies as being brittle or ductile, possessing a Strength and Flexibilitie or not,— and so many factors lead therefrom, a Mercantilism, an Exchange, permissive, penetrative, if you forgive, and perhaps also Charity, a Society is always a shield for the weaker, in some respects, at least — many different Affairs. It is a vital Index.
Next, he will move to analyse on a level more grained. How the chemistry may strike in individual members of a society, the affinities they may feel and how they elect to join to others, the blends they make, or wish to make to their own pleasure — in their Elective Will doing the work, we may wish to think, every part building to a statistically-made Coalition.
His only motive is to discover: if there are laws that move us unseen, they would be better seen.
Dangerous ground this is for the explorer, to be sure, skirting on the doings of Nuptials, even Love. One matter Pulpitt is sure on, though: his Index should not be call’d in any wise a Coefficient of Immorality.

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