The Vindication of Multiculturalism?

Enoch Powell, with respect, not rivers of blood, but rivers of GOLD! – Richard Coles @RevRichardColes
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: So, is Britain too multicultural now?

Shrill, simplistic, partial and as propagandist as the Olympics themselves. If multiculturalism* is reponsible for the East Germanic goldrush then, by the application of this logic, it becomes responsible for the murder of Shafilea Ahmed, presumably a view Mr Coles and Ms Alibhai-Brown would not wish to promulgate. Personally, I think neither to be true statements.

Anyway, a suggestion for 2016 – do something for the poor sods in Hong Kong who had their UK passports made worthless at the stroke of a Whitehall pen – so that ‘Team GB’ (Ulster, no thank you) can rule the ping-pong as well.
It’s still an empire; however, now, it’s an imploded empire.

(*Assuming Richard Coles’s views to be fairly summed up in the catch-all multiculturalism and being generally pro it).


One thought on “The Vindication of Multiculturalism?

  1. I agree – jingoism turning the”gold rush” into another kind of “opium of the masses”. Sorry I tweeted you by mistake, but thank you for looking at my poetry blog.


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