Perseus and Medusa 1

Medusa everywhere, Medusa quoted, employed, Medusa multiplied,
The propagation extreme, the inseminatrix must have her will, her harvest have.
The image is of her congregation, her praise, worship to support her precious barque, waters she accepts at the flood.
Babies are held up for her to bless, or look on, diseases shown to her, thirsty screams, hungry tears. Biceps and shades, guards in black surround her.
Then, with no face, she hurries past.
This mourning of her very own, and telling the bitter-sweetness of her riches. The inventoried mansions and islands, palaces where she is hidden, bright chalices and stomachers, and gold dripping gold,
Opulence, protection against the nakedness universally come from.
Medusa everywhere in the city, illumination where no light was before,
In image multiplied, chromed, inflated,
Posterised, mutated, distorted,
In effigy, fractioned out to each and every,
Her portrait will fracture us, inter us, in dream and reflection it will eat us and toy with us; image will overwhelm us, with an appetite above all other.
That strange, transfigured, transmitted thing, an eikon.
Medusa with beauty to tear down the world, so much has she offered, so much has she captivated — for who is not hungry? Who is not prey to the eikon divine?

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