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Tuesday, Aug 28, download The Black Lagoon for your Kindle absolutely FREE!

The Black Lagoon on or

Pirates, but not as we know them…

He let fall the Water through his Fingers. A Potentate needs make a Splash.
‘T was as if he had ordered a Sea be made,
Except the Sea was in the Ship, as he look’d at it,
And more, the Ship — with its Sea — was on the Island.
All of Nature had been subtly revers’d, the Effect to capsize the Senses, without Call on Marsala or Rum. However, unlike many Men, who would at an Instant make their Path to Fear, Sir Benjamin took Pleasure at the Land of Imagination and so in these contrary Propositions. And to call his Grotto a Name, to give it a Mark in Minds:
“The Black Lagoon,” he said. “So she shall be nam’d, and tho’ she travels Nowhere, she shall be a great Wonder.”

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