Tulse Luper – 2. Toys

Wholly and completely left in the left luggage office of the Nordbahnhof — whoever the mysterious traveller was, they paid the deposit. And whether or not she or he ever considered the possibility of redemption, we can infer that they never acted upon it.
Not now, not after this much time has passed.
The traveller took their chances or were taken; now, the traveller is in an Avalon abroad.

A suitcase that rattled to the shake, inside being: a pine boat of Chinese manufacture, three red funnels.
Building bricks, 12, alphabetised, mostly vowels.
Rubber balls, perished.
A metal cannon, antique, bespoke, by an expert ironworker, around 1830.
None new, all used, second in their handedness.

Viennese detectives are thorough, and their interest was instantly ignited, thinking that this occurrence might contain a clue to the rape in Max-Winter-Platz. The issue in this case was that the housewife had been raped in her own home, by a travelling salesman, or similar, and, egregiously, her child had been supplied with toys to quieten and divert while the crime was being committed.
A rape, not the most brutal the Inspector has had to investigate in his police career, but a rape is a rape. And now this single connection was sufficient to make it of interest to the investigation.

Vienna, whiff of kuchen, dirndl, never coming back, abandoned. Of the past, the things we used to be, when innocence was still soft enough to leave an impression.
The rape was never solved. Over the years, the solution may have occurred to several of the detectives asked to examine the case — their surmises as to the identity of the perpetrator were perhaps accurate and correct — but never solved in the sense of someone being convicted of the crime.
The regrettable consequence of any slight mystery — a detective must be born in the world. The detective grimly metamorphosing out of the archetype of shaman, priest or physician. Not usually a leader of people, not even an eminence grise, a power behind the throne. Just a handy, lower-ranked help to any monarch, an Aaron open to being used by any Moses. And this is so wrong.

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These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper.

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