Tulse Luper – 3. Photographs

For those rickety in their own position, therefore consumed by a passion to know, a great trove was opened up with the discovery of a cache of Tulse Luper photographs. Discovered in the Grand Hotel: this Grand Hotel being located in Antwerp, Belgium.
The period appears to be around 1930-1936.
Middle-class pursuits, tennis parties, canasta evenings.
Dinner dances, black tie, with ladies with evening gloves.
Quite clearly in a hospital, as an orderly, wearing the uniform as such.
Hiking, swimming, rock-climbing.
Also his appearance was subtly altered with such variations of facial hair permitted and logical to the period, A Clark Gable, a William Powell. The centre parting, as favoured by the doomed boys, F. Scott, Wallace, John.
Of greatest interest is the so-named Relstab photograph.
Relstab ’35, written to the reverse in blue-black Sütterlin.
Several players, all in Norse or Saxon-themed outfits, including a man bearing a cardboard dragon’s head. Suggesting amateur dramatics or operetta or singspiel or some such scenario.
And he, the man who may be Luper, is dressed up as Siegfried, with the winged helmet — he may be Siegfried, or just Gunther or Hagen. Next to him, a flaxen-pigtailed Rhine maiden, hands look to be touching, the body language is without doubt suggestive of connection. This woman may be, as some have postulated, the much-discussed Veronika, the true icon.

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These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper.

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