Tulse Luper – 7. Cakes, of Soap

A harvest moon in the sky, but it is already November, the harvest has been brought in. With red hair, until it began to streak grey, she will hum, dipping the melody into song a snatch at a time.
First line of the tune with seven notes — to fit the seven syllables of Morgenlicht und Sonnenschein or Happy Days are here again, either.
The meal has been eaten: a casserole, shin of beef, she did the serving. The curtains drawn against the night, they will play a cardboard game. And she will have one yellow nearly at its home, all the way round the board when he lands blue on it, squashing it to square one again.
One treats the die carefully, as might be written in the rules, drop into the container, rattle, and pour out like milk into tea.
The other, behind closed-doors blasé, spurns the container, and tosses the die to roll wherever.
It doesn’t matter who wins, the play is for play, for the passing of an evening.
A die that teeters on a vertex, pirouetting its decision.

Ephemera, which were designed to stick for the span of selling a product, but have wedged firm and cannot be shifted ever.
Nell Gwynn marmalade. That basket, those oranges. That sauce.
Next to cleanliness, Green Puritan soap,
He has worshipped much ephemera; it has not stuck flawlessly, but even so too much.
Looks even better on a man…
That couple on a sward: the idyllic woodland background, side-by-side, both smoking,
Whatever the pleasure, Players complete it…
No grass, small twigs on backs limits to rudery. So far and no further.

Sweet Caporal cigarettes. In our opinion, the purest form in which tobacco can be smoked — The Lancet.
Dr. Dralle Birkenhaarwasser. Pelikan Fullhalter Tinte. Usato dal 1889.
Felina… per conferire alla figura una linea moderna!
Tosca! Acqua di colonia! Esser bella significa… essere ammirata!

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These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper.

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