Tulse Luper – 13. Encyclopedias

Of course, for every child it is a shock: finding themself in charge of, or enslaved by, such a powerful, wayward tool as a whole human brain. In the context of the universe, an enormous weapon for any moral imperative, producing the sense of entrapment.
This being he and no other, and with no cease,
He had trouble with his Pyrrhic omniscience.
Guilty, anxious at the power being used, decided on prisoning himself, and deigning to be imprisoned by others. Acting as a consonance, this balance of being in charge of versus enslaved by.
Of cataloguers, taxonomists, Whitman, Ginsberg, Kit Smart – now he was a list-maker.
Others, Köchel, Deutsch, Kirkpatrick, Hoboken,
Wilhelm Carl Grimm had only got to ‘G’ and was working on Gallettes when death took him from his labours. He had something like six month’s work ahead of him before any hope of reaching Grimm.
Others: Dewey, Kimball, Johnson. This could never be anything close to a complete list of metadata professionals.
The modern classification of living organisms is based on phylogeny. That is, ancestor/descendant relationships with regard to their evolution over time. Early taxonomic systems lacked this theoretical basis: organisms could only be assigned their place according to superficial similarity.
Within Homo sapiens, and based on skin colour, Linnaeus proposed four taxa of a lower rank: Americanus, Asiaticus, Africanus, and Europeanus. He also defined Homo ferus, Homo monstrosous, Juvenis lupinus, Homo troglodytus. All of which are unfortunate, in the present sensibility.
But isn’t Noah the master cataloguer? His work has given us what we now have.

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These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper.

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