Holy Motors – No, I don’t get why all the acclaim.

Holy-MotorsIt’s just so ill-defined – there seem to be, or are, hints towards Émile Cohl, Les Vampires, Wings of Desire, Les Yeux sans Visage and a few hundred others, as it progresses, plus his own stuff, of course, — alors, Monsieur Merde reappears, like that would be a good idea — a certain asymmetric Antipodean songstress seems to conjure up (an older) Jean Seberg — but who can say what where, and, not being paid, I can’t be bothered to.
It’s just drama workshop, or even the dressing-up box. There’s a couple of surreal elements right at the end that come across as heavy-handed to the point of naive.
I just think it needs a stronger ‘why’ in the framework – cf Mr Nobody, Jaco Van Dormael, which has a firmly-stated revelation towards the end that binds together all the wackiness.
Trouble with Carax, imo, he doesn’t do many jokes – there’s precisely one in Holy Motors, with the music thudding out into the street from the teenage party.
Sticking with Les Amants….

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