When No One Is Looking – Part 3


Whether the Adventure takes us to an opium den hard by Limehouse,
Or the intriguing world of chambermaids secretly discovering yellowing legacies,
Or the middle reaches of society, where scandal must bring ruination,
Head first we enter this world, and feet first we must leave.

—If it should rain on an opened grave, then someone in that family will die — and within the year.
—Notice how effectively the ant colony senses the first day of spring weather, and are immediately at their industry on the flagstones.
—When we have time after lunch, I will retire to consider the motivation of the innocent-seeming schoolteacher with lepidopteran interests—
—How simple to deduce that the man is an ailurophile.
—I can see that your servant girl has a zeal, but not a lack of clumsiness.
—The lady was cursed by her association with an evil husband. Her first misfortune to make this marriage, and then, when so beset, she had no means of resisting those deeper difficulties that we have recently uncovered.
—His method ensured that the door could never open unless he knew about it; however it was only his imagining that only Forbes had ever possessed a key.
—That a cripple should have mud on his boots, I find disturbing.

—Which prevents the corpse from looking back and beckoning to another.
The police are an interested party, despite there being no indication of criminal involvement at this stage, they stand full agog.
The Mystery is the breaking of How, in this linear and serial world, came the coffin to be where it preternaturally was.
Even should we succeed in dismantling all resistance to Why,
Assuredly, we will not be saving the coffin’s occupant from the jaws of death — and regarding the rest of London and its citizens, I do not know whether we shall be rescuers or not.

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