When No One Is Looking – Part 11


Madcap, as you say, but if we examine more closely their flights across London — look! here we are — and his index finger spins a trap about Bloomsbury,
—If he should break his journey, and come across from Tottenham Court Road — a matter of two hundred yards at the most — at the time her omnibus was making its way down — shall we propose — Gower Street, travelling southwards from its unknown origin— the transfer could have been effected.

—How he has the jewels, the paste jewels, at Twickenham at a time not later than 5pm,
—And she has the banker’s draft presented at the National Provincial Bank in Lombard Square, Bishopsgate, before close of business at 4pm. (For this previously-claimed ‘old woman with Gladstone bag and umbrella’ can only have been she, now that we are in full possession of the facts.)
—Working with such speed and efficiency, the flimsy nature of each other’s sureties could not be seen through,
And the Adventure of the Burma Ruby Necklace is alive.

Yes, alive, I do believe. And her route that afternoon? That of the Andrews Star Omnibus Company, number 3 from the Edgware Road — and since Maida Vale has been mentioned already, in connection with Lord Fisher’s residence, I suspect it is there we should begin our search.

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