When No One Is Looking – Part 14

We were warned of the presence in London of one Hans Jæger, whom all the police forces of Europe had noted as a evangelist of nihilist ideas, a regular producer of corrupting pamphlets on the subjects of Free Love and Bohemianism.
Whether the anarcho-hedonist might be our immediate suspect or not, I was not in a position to state, nor as to whether these reports constituted a coincidence entire.

Others of the type:
The violin playing has been remarked upon, and one recalls the Italian Rizzo, Ruggiero of that name, apprehended close to the effectuation of his fell plan. Where a shared knowledge of the properties of the bow’s rosin played a significant part,
Perhaps more so, the pendulum of mood that a violinist seems powerless to resist — that too shared.
If you remember:
The imposter priest, Henry ‘Holy’ Peters, hailing from Liverpool — while the yew tree stood strong, the only object in his churchyard, the poisonous yew,
His manner of handling the Holy Book betrayed him, did it not…?
—And you participated in a capture some sixteen years passed — Abraham Willstone, the Oxted forger, I should remind you, although I cannot think you have forgotten.
—I did.

My friend’s career running concurrent to the sentence:
The Adventure of the Absent Tradesman, The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist, The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter, et seq.
Five years’ hard labour at ballast-heaving on the River Thames and ten years imprisonment.
Not a parodist, in any shape or form: a dedicated man, unlike most of his ilk. He was hard to catch and even afterwards, by his and his counsel’s efforts, nearly evaded justice at Old Bailey.
Because gaoling may not be the end.
Such that one may expect with every heave and ho, he spells the syllables of his nemesis and his object of revenge.
Labour and prisoning may not reform a man,
He may return for another attempt.
He may have to be caught twice.
But this is rivers, the purest trees from source to sea, which have no serpent-biting-its-own-tail motif, only a clean flow.

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