When No One Is Looking – Part 15

Hence adopting a whole sciolism towards the aesthetic,
—I shall never know why they are made so complicated,
He growls to himself, referring to the multiple strands that make a monogram, laced, curlicued and twisted out of a straightforward read.
That the initials are so unnecessarily disguised,
How unnecessarily confused is the nature of Art.
Though he smiles with irony.
Where an I might be a J, or even this S might be a G, until he deciphers it as OS, unless QS,
Definitely OS, yes, definitely.
We do not require an engraver to inspect another’s work — fortunately.
As he turns over and over the pinchbeck pocket watch, monogrammed to the exact extent of being relatively prosperous working-class.

Rosehead nails, handmade around the reign of King James I, I’d estimate.
No civilised man, no man worth his salt, is ignorant of his History of Ornament.
French nails, ‘scutcheon pins, or scaff nails. Wire nails? Impossible in the 15th century, No, I say.
Chromatic variations in tobacco ash, the study of these is really sufficient to clarify some vital linkage in the Great Chain of Being?
It’s not so simple is it.
With his caution to include all eventualities,
With his removing all impediments to possibility,
Often detecting unsound categoric reasoning,
Usually turning a stone and finding negative assumption,
After that, the repeated torrential application of modus ponens, to take us to the terminus.

And this harmonic relation is also a Dorian harmony.
—As you know, Watson there were four kinds of Greek harmony;
We might count them, the longitudinal creases of his forehead, to arrive at four.
If you want something done, ask a Leveson-Gower, or a Cecil: the Inspector is not alumni cantabrigienses. Except, I do remember, and am forcibly reminded of it here, there was a sergeant of long service down at Clerkenwell nick,
And he had seen all enter through there,
—Ah now, he said, and straightened himself up with a breathe on his braces.
Ah now, as we both well know, Sir, but tend not to be so loud on it, we only catch the idiots.

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