When No One Is Looking – Part 16

For G-d’s sake, Holmes! I want to survive to see my wife again!
Have you never had a passion for actresses,
As might someone who does not follow the rules?

Resisting the river’s babble or not,
The feet travel without movement,
Clever and stupid travellers arrive and take their leave,
Sleep well, dear heart, until the King of Glory wakens thee.

I ‘ve heard the dead are raised in Maastrict,
The spongy loam not holding down the natural rise
Of waterlogged box and occupant.

The floating box, mythic motif
Forsaking a child to the sea:
Perseus and Orestes,
Romulus and Moses.

Her beautiful red hair was drawn up in intricate curls, and her grey eyes matched perfectly with the dove grey suit she wore. She was the picture of an elegant, fashionable London woman.

Ah! What is man?
Wherefore does he why?
Whence did he whence?
Whither is he withering?
—Dan Leno

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