Tulse Luper – 16. Frogs

tulse luper

In a tarpaper shack, Vanika is left to be known as the woman who produces monsters.
The fact of being Mormon in a community of Mormons saved her from being burned out of the place or something. But there would still be many hoping she left or died,
She and her no good husband, who was also definitely sawney, they kept themselves apart.
The children — for it was two children stuck together as Siamese twins — lay on the bed.
She referred to them as her nightingales — which sing sweetly and incessantly of the wrong done to her.

A woman yesterday gave birth to a frog baby in the general hospital, yes indeedy, not a human that looked summn’ like a frog but a real human frog. I know it sounds strange and many will disbelieve the news, but no it is real. The baby was also born without reproduction organs and without a neck. The baby lived only for two hours and died.
Of course the doctors checked the medical history of the mother who did not take any meds during the pregnancy, yet it turned out that the two parents are slightly related. There’s the danger, because when people who are related get married the children are usually weak, but this was more than that, just being related can’t produce something as mutant as this frog child.
Hey, hang on a minute I hear you shouting, is it not just the same as the hoax of the Alabama woman who went swimming in the creek, and then said a frog tadpole went into her?
None said it aloud, because of the chastity rules, But none had been unable to avoid thinking it. Down at the creek or somewhere, a girl goes in the water and a tadpole can get into her. That’s how it is. Lil’ black wriggla in their tushy, they gotta like that. You wait until one goes and gets a crawdad in her.

How many studies have we had, paid for with State and Federal money, that have come back saying it’s dangerous in the Colorado River with the atomic radiation and all the like? So when is someone going to stand up and fix this problem for us? This is poison in the water supply not because it was naturally there from the Creation but because the government did all that extraction work when they were making the Bomb. I know we had to fight the Ruskies at that time, but it comes round these years later that the people getting sick now are good US citizens who deserve a lot better than they are getting at the moment from our Government.

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