Tulse Luper – 19. Children

tulse luper

He was there to prospect for uranium, believing there was money in it. He kept very quiet about his other reason.
So they sat by the Colorado river and speculated what the future might bring them. As young people do. Young people thinking they had some control over the flamelike actions of fate,
That a furrow could be ploughed straight if they chose it.
He had bought her a ring of some description, a plutonic expression of fire and earth.
—I can’t wear it when my parents can see it. My father would kill me and my mother would report to him if she saw it.
She looked at it, let it mix with the moonlight.
—But you’ve been all over, I’ve never been further than Grand Junction.

She is much addled with angels,
Laying out eggs in exact order of weight, often volume as well. Why? For when the angel comes.
—An angel, I saw it, when a motor car came down the road, there was an angel following it,
—I saw an angel watching Shay milk the cow this morning,
—I saw an angel chewing a stalk and leering out over the Andersen’s place,
—The angel spoke to me, said I was a good girl.

So if… …if the question I have been posing, asked Luper of himself,
Is where is the dark and dippy adverse?
Golden gig-lamped, gauche, but a chrysalis as yet,
Liable to break forth to young eagle,
An enthusiastic practitioner of insurgent sex on the tomb of Seneca,
And a death to ordination in every conceivable form…
I might just have had that question answered.
This Vanika, is she the girl for me?

These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper

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