Tulse Luper – 21. Bloodied Wallpaper

tulse luper

Fru Budde, who has the same name as the landlady in Today in Copenhagen, has been talking.
—Bacon. And radish he was partial to, salted and giving up its water in the dish. When he was here, we never had any trouble from him, so I don’t understand how it all came about. I say no trouble, but that is apart from the trouble we had with him at the end — if you understand me — I’m sorry.
Then, he was a happy, curly-haired, young man, quiet, a music student fresh out of the academy. Now, he is a man of substance, and the situation is quite altered.

Now, a famous conductor. Marked for his habit of stopping a performance midway to berate the audience for their accidental noises, the orchestra faltering away, him spinning round in irritation,
—This really is intolerable!
(We are professionals, attempting to give of our best, whereas you…)
Something of a throwback to the old dictatorial school. All part of the feuilleton, he built himself well. A devotee of Bruckner and Shostakovich and Sibelius, those tough nuts: not troubling himself with Dvorak or Fauré.
But this was back when he was a nobody.

—I, Fru Budde, a widow, often let rooms to the orchestral players, singers for the festival opera among others. And I think it was the third or fourth time he had roomed there: the orchestra had a regular schedule at the two churches, playing Gounod and Berlioz. They were to an accomplished standard, mostly from the Conservatoire.
I did not provide a breakfast. Most of my boarders took their breakfast in the café in Mattæusgade, or purchased rolls from there. On that morning, I heard the front door, and assumed that was him going out for a breakfast. He did not return and I found the rent money left in the hallway; it was not the correct amount, it was in fact more than my regular charge. When I investigated the room not very long afterwards, I was appalled to see a large amount of blood. All across one wall of the room, with some on the bed as well.

These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper

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