Tulse Luper – 25. Spent Matches

tulse luper

The concept of museum, mausoleum, in its frigidity and awe.
Where would stand an unopened suitcase, in an alarmed glass case, as if the recovery of an renowned Egyptologist, and tending towards the sacred nature of Treasure, Relic, Icon, Art.
The curator has felt it seemly to add a caption card. What’s in the Case?

Pandora wouldn’t dare: once bitten, twice shy.
But Schrödinger might have a go.
Classical Pandora questions whether the matches are spent or not.
Schrödinger has an answer that is not really an answer — in the classical sense.

The address window has a card in it: SPENT MATCHES.
So that’s it then… what’s the point in displaying it in a museum?
A previous suitcase recovered — in Luxembourg actually — had SAUCEPANS in the address window, and contained aluminium saucepans.
As counsel for the Crown would put it:-
As far as our knowledge goes, there are no instances of a label on the outside being an inaccurate record of the contents. The Crown will accept a likelihood that Luper has no intent to deceive, but only a likelihood.

These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper

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