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tulse luper

In 1962, when Luper is being transferred to the hospital by the two prison guards, we are shown Lephrenic watching them from behind a diamond wire fence. When the point of view transfers to that of Lephrenic, there’s no fence obscuring Luper and the guards.

Earlier, in a scene that must be set in 1930 or 1931, when the desk sergeant is looking at Luper’s file and at the same time trying to pay attention to the distraught woman reporting the theft, we are shown the prominent red stamp Felon Wanted by the FBI. However, the FBI wasn’t called the FBI at this time — from its formation in 1927, up to 1935, it was known simply as the Bureau of Investigation.

In the backgammon game at the Algerian or Moroccan club, there are several continuity errors. The actor playing Lephrenic has a half-full whisky glass at his right hand during the game’s opening moves. It then disappears in a couple of shots, only to reappear at the end of the game, and again during the standoff. Two moves are twice repeated, both by Luper, near the beginning. One of his checkers also moves backwards three points.

At the open-air political speech in Hai-cheng, while young Kelin Xiang is announcing his duty to take on the bosses, just when Luper ties up his mule at the back of meeting and mutters to himself: “this may or may not work…”, on the very left edge of the viewport, and facing in the opposite direction to Kelin Xiang’s audience, a member of the grip crew, or the clapper loader, wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses, is clearly visible.

There is a 1980’s automobile, a Renault or Fiat, parked in a 1940’s Antwerp street, while Luper vacillates, unsure whether or not to risk entering the railway station.

During the scene in Boss Figueroa’s penthouse suite, when the elevator comes up with the secretary bringing the papers to be signed it makes no sound. When Lephrenic arrives by the same means shortly afterwards, there’s a distinct noise of elevator motor and pneumatics, presumably added for ominous effect.

These suitcases represent the world according to Tulse Luper

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