The 24 Deaths of MH – part 4

24 deaths of MHWithout wishing to come across as apologetic in any way, best to clear the decks on this one early on.
The good citizens of a medium-sized town, a Bethlehem among the available choice, woke one morning to find their cathedral augmented. Because there was the usual symbol, out front, high up, now with a man nailed to it.
His body was immaculately clad in a lioncloth: just right, as if temple issue and would be returned for use by the next Messiah.
They and he were sewn together by the sight, his needle.
By his immolation he scrutinises them, plays them, encompasses them, scolds them, prepares them, advances them.
He asseverates a great deal over them, with his glassy outlook. And in death his mouth had lolled, like a stroke victim,
Until it rather detracted from the scene.
MH, what have you done with your one whole precious life? Wasted it on dying.

—I wasn’t previously aware that MH was religious, said the Journalist,
—I think only in the sense we are all religious, or within a culture that still has religion as a major part of it, said the other kibitzer.
Strange though.
Her article on the outrage or demonstration asked all the pertinent questions: how had he got up there, except by someone unknown helping with the nailing, wasn’t it time that people rejected prophecy and superstition,
She also mentioned the lioncloth and his apparent step into religiosity,
It’s easy to point out that in its cultural impact popular music has a lot of religion in it.

So what, we’re all to bow the knee to MH, is that it?
He’s gone too far this time, said the consensus. He’s poisoned it for us all.
He did go through the motions, but that was because of the mediocrity attached to him, which he knew, and so he decided to go out in a big splash of glory.
MH is not a symbol for our times. To repeat, he was nothing much more than a repetition of the same-old myth. Prophets come before messiahs, and while a debate could be had as to whether he had come after, he had certainly not come before.
The consensus was against him.
She knew she had to speak to her new friend, lover, associate, partner, the Pathologist about this. To see how it might change the universe. She respected his opinion, unquestionably.
When she did, he immediately asked about the lioncloth, whether that had anything to do with anything?
—This is an age-old problem with newspapers, paper or digital, and it’s something we’re working on, she firmly told him.

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