The 24 Deaths of MH – part 7

24 deaths of MH—It’s a pretty well-known fact, he was a user of illegal drugs — but never freebasing cocaine, he wouldn’t’ve done that, would he?
—That’s a very dangerous thing to be doing, like he was seriously tired of life.
—Maybe he didn’t. Maybe the drugs were administered by someone other than himself,
—The evil manager, you mean?
The band manager had been fiddling the books, as they all do, siphoning off some for himself, more than his agreed share,
Having got himself into difficulties,
Look, he is fat and perspiring. Ugly little toad, it could easily have been him.
The small and short-lived Career Boom, the sneaky Career Boom, echoing among the distant cordillera.
The only solution: MH’s demise might just paper over the gaping hole in the accounts.
And he’s going to get away with it.

The manager’s name shall live in infamy forever. (This could run and run as a expose.)
While the rock was thudding in 4/4 and MH was out there being a ‘rock poet’, lyricising, in the manner of unreconstructed rock ‘n roll: brown flesh, cheapish, and making love to x number of women,
He had to die because his manager was short of some cash.
The manger was behind the curtain, precisely where the musicians who filled out the sound would play along, or take over completely if it looked that way,
The manager, much unseen, battered his forehead with fists, wondering about paying off his gambling debts and coming up with the idea of bumping off his well, boss, really.

—I met the guy once, and never got the idea he was organised enough to embezzle; he was incompetent, more than anything. Just living his dream of being connected with the rock world. Anybody could have foreseen this would lead to trouble.
I felt sorry for him, MH, he was floundering by the end. Surrounded by the wrong people,
The prosecuting counsel looked very similar to the Third Man
The judge looked like a refugee from the Hippy scene
—All we need now is a trial, and it will get sorted out. Though I know what you mean, when’s the trial going to be, who knows… These things can take forever when it’s lawyers and their hours.
The foreman of the jury was a woman who looked like that woman who used to advertise, had the career in that cowboy series.
—And just because someone gets convicted doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

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