The 24 Deaths of MH – part 10

24 deaths of MHWhen recovered,
White and glutinous had floated seven oceans,
Then beached in the merciless sun to wither.
Unattended for many days,
Only now finding a partner,
Their Anguish matching so well,
They dance together, the pathologist and the cadaver.

The skull, maxilla wide, mandible squared, ramus pronounced,
Zygomatic bone having no special beauty attached,
Coronal suture tracing its coastline; the skull serious mute,
Notably square in the orbit, he was, I trow,
He was particularly long in the scaphoid, I trow,

The condyles and the malleus, the nasal spine,
He taps at the acromion,
Hamate and lunate, the metacarpals, triquetral
Condyle and malleolus in the legbones,
Trocanters and tubercles,
Iliac fossa, sciatic notch, sacral cornua:—
—I believe this to be none other than the long lost MH (the widely-known Antipodean Rock Poet).
But others doubted his attribution, and the DNA analysis confirmed their caution as warranted.

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