The 24 Deaths of MH – part 11

24 deaths of MH—Have I explained to you my theory about popular music being destroyed by our political masters, those who believe their number one enemy is the people they are elected to serve.
(Radical way of looking at it.)
—It’s quite political.
He senses her as disengaged, cutting across his enthusiasm. She gets popcorn from the microwave, with a roast smell of cardboard, soon the squeak of teeth. She settles down with a shimmy of buttocks.
He presents himself as a visionary, gazing out across the dockside development scene.

—They, the military-industrial-entertainment complex, felt they had to do something about it. Too many of these rock songs become anthems of protest, something to rally malcontents behind. And realised they could. So, some time around the early to middle seventies, they said: let’s make it all anodyne.
From now on promote simple hedonism only, all having a good time, friends together, contented.
Keep the addled by drugs stuff, get rid of the firebrand stuff. Christ, they didn’t actually want people thinking!
And that’s — in slippery metaphor — when MH died. MH, who you will accept, never uttered a political opinion during his whole music career.
Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
We oughta take it easy

Some merciless un-cool, in a suit of crimplene and double-bluff wacky tie, father transporting daughter at 10:30 irredeemably home, explains to them why they are here.
—Into our new year of 1976, this will be your artistic direction.
Watch the synchronised dancing, the soft shoe shuffle, the ghastly plastered grins, the hypnotism of the disco glitterball, if I may say so, the minstrelsy; watch and learn.
Our programme of Hedonism. Our programme of Infantilisation, running in parallel with. He makes various threats, how it will go for the boys, unless.
Someone tried to hurl himself out of the window, and bounced back to lie on the green and gold carpet, coughing with the wasted exertion
Another sat there rigid, like he was losing everything he had ever stood for.
The Rolling Stones took to it like a duck to water.

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