The 24 Deaths of MH – part 13

24 deaths of MHThe expression on her face is:
Manifestly, I conclude that we have made a serious mistake in going away on this short break.
And her expression was correct, he realised, because already we seem firmly into patching up faltering relationship mode, trying to work things out, and fanning the flames in our efforts, to become pettily irritated by each other.
Has it been quick to reach this stage? I suppose it has.
The symposium is in Hawaii, he is not.
She has just put in for a few days of leave.

—Cour d’honneur, he says.
—Court d’honneur, she says.
—No, Cour d’honneur — it’s when the wings are built out perpendicular, forming a three-sided courtyard, like at Versailles as well.
—You did say courtyard then? she flicks out at him.
Classical is round arches and Gothic is pointed arches. And in the Renaissance they went back to round arches, because they were tipping their hats to the influence of the Classical, also getting rid of the dark old superstitious Middle Ages,
But building methods meant they had to have pointed arches before — to take the load better than round ones — the roof would push the walls outwards, or something — so they invented the flying buttress — and now they didn’t have to — stronger bricks or something — so it was both. Necessity and style.
—Alright, let’s have an ice-cream now. You said we would, and now is a good time, which she knows has come out irritable, and Philistine, but she’s fucked if she’s going to be patronised with a load of stuff she sort of knew already.

Falsely following a star. MH is not a symbol for our times. To repeat, he was nothing much more than the same old myth.
They can agree they want to go to a city rather than laze on a beach, for then the getaway is more meaningful.
They can agree it is the mechanism of MH and his deaths that brings them together,
released into the world from a captivity,
Declining the message at their peril,
—We have another full day here, so let’s try and enjoy it,
She was dabbing down ice-cream stains from a bosom he had once
She had been absolutely furious when he’d suddenly blurted out ‘I love you’
When she had been holding the gun to her head and threatening—
—I love you, put the gun down,
The worry, that he hadn’t said it for the purest of reasons.

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