The 24 Deaths of MH – part 20

24 deaths of MHThe presumed fidelity of a Truth, as against the presumed infidelity of a Lie, is a curious criss-cross.
A Lie could well be the more faithful of the alternatives.
Could confirm the world-view and provide security in that way, diminish anxiety levels and increase well-being
He decides to deceive her, and puts out that he has a new mistress, but that only lasts two days — and the first twenty minutes of their subsequent conversation.
Their conciliatory love-making was not interrupted by a plummeting body outside the window;
They were oblivious.

—Why do you love me?
Why do I love you?

Perhaps she would be better off spreading them to a male heterosexual criminal profiler, rather than the same in pathologist.
The police, who would want their job? They are constantly having to deal with people writing in with attached photos, long screeds about there being something odd in the direction of shadows in this picture of MH, how it proves something or other involving the Freemasons.
—But the police just ignore that stuff don’t they?
—No, they have to read it all, just in case, and I’m sure some it colours their judgment.
—Have a guess, go on.
—I’d say death was due to his head being sliced off by the wire that was strung across the lane at head-height (for a motor cyclist) — which we have recovered from the scene.
—The wire, who placed it there, do you think? Was it just aimed at MH? Was it known that he, specifically, solely, would be going down that lane?
—That isn’t my job, he replies. If you want information or speculation on that, you’d have to go and make an exhibition of yourself in front of a police officer.

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