The 24 Deaths of MH – part 24

24 deaths of MHMany years after these events, the Wife of the Pathologist was looking through some effects, as they were called, which she had just discovered in a garage, and her eye fell on some old papers (paper it was, old-style) covered with the distinctive handwriting of her long-dead husband,
Which caused her a little hiccup and palpitation of surprise. A gasp of breath. She clutched at her windpipe.

It was his writing out of the works of an obscure philosopher who had lived in the middle of the Gobi desert to avoid distractions. Who expounded his idea that the conditions of knowledge are satisfied when you have a justified belief that you have arrived at your conclusion by a reliable process.
One could walk the longest journey of logical steps but at the end, last step, one could only believe that this reasoning was correct under the scientific method.
Logic, logic, logic, logic, logic, belief.
An infinite number of times, but still left with the one last jump over the chasm to reach whatever passed for certainty.
Whether a consequence of the perceptory system or not,
One, two, three, four, five, sixty-seven,
No further on.
Shooting, electrocution, plane crash, natural causes,
No further on.
A justified belief, justified by as much bolstering as one please, but still only a fucking belief.

The two detached heads had had no expression of surprise,
The two detached heads had had an expression of no surprise,
That a low-hanging tree branch could have cracked and slipped lower,
And just after a blind bend.
The chances incredibly low, and no other travellers remotely affected.
This was a long time in the past, and she had felt some small feelings then, had the grief.
And the irony attached that he did not warrant her grief.
Because she had had no knowledge that he might have been conducting an affair.
The advantage of knowledge these two dead people owned seemed to her, at the time, to have been balanced by their sudden withdrawal from all knowledge.
Ok, so she had been furious with him at the time, but he seemed a young man now, and we can all be silly when young, she knew some silly things she had done when his age. that he was never going to find out about
Even empathise a small amount, after this length of time. Harsh that he should have been punished in something just like a fictional story.
His Wife had had the surprise.

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