The Compendium of Degenerates – part 7

compendiumThe Compendium is loose in the world.
The Compendium: to suggest that it contains all human knowledge — on the subject of Degenerates, at least.
But we know it only contains a Set, could only ever contain a set, by the work of Gödel,
Possibly selected by those who wish to skew understanding towards certain commandments. Unwelcome theories — untested, but already at the commandment stage.
I also believe the Compendium to be mistaken in its implied argument, implied heavily on every page, as to how to spot a degenerate.
Physicians are tasked with restoring the human to health. And then, in order to determine what health might be, they study sick humans. Farcical, no?
It is poor science to study humans using only the extreme cases, and not the way to understanding. Abraham Maslow, for example, the old psychologist on the Ringsstraße, was very strong on this, but was a dinosaur in other ways.

More than a tryst, they feel they have found a lock and key union (although time to tell on that).
Needing no Compendium, Ottilie already knows Otmar is tolerably reliable.
Also, as she puts it to a friend she talked to in the street:— I’ve already known for a while that men are not beautiful creatures.
Had she seen him in a cowboy suit, she would have maybe worshipped him from afar.
Had she seen him in the Little Tramp suit, she would have been faintly repulsed.
But these are only clothes, the frame of the picture.
His Birth-Day suit,
Above the kitchen sink,
Two lovers, linked, united, draw in condensation two hearts and Ich hab’ Dich Lieb.
Blood and iron,
Coal and sand.
The mulch of wood chips surrounding the tree
Hearts in the sand, waiting for the tide,
Hearts in condensation, waiting for the trial of heat.

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