The Compendium of Degenerates – part 8

compendiumHe is working from a stall, selling bootlaces; he will rise via rungs. She is trying to earn a honest penny by taking in laundry. They knew it would be hard at the beginning.
her marriage band, they must not sell it, Gold gab ich für Eisen.
Her trousseau — one could consider it — otherwise consists of the Compendium of Degenerates.
Go up in the world, introduce silk stockings to his range, or into the newspaper trade.
Find a position that will realise the unique nature of himself.
They had a tiny room, cramped. They appeared to be the lowest.
It did occur to Otmar that, were he in a different place, tolerably far removed, he wouldn’t actually need to conduct a relationship with this Ottilie. And he is now in a very different place.
The marital team of two, bond is division, Bund is faction, who could ever believe Berlin as a city? It would fragment, surely. Should humans live in this proximity?
But still… he could.
No need to suffocate her with a pillow, just leave. Once fleeing, flee.

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