The Compendium of Degenerates – part 9

compendiumFelix accosts the first person he meets, as he walks across the countryside:
—Where are the runaways, have you seen them?
The person reaches immediately to his pockets, drops all the coins he had to the road, scrambles, dives straight through a hedge and is away across the ploughed fields.
He hadn’t properly explained who the runaways were…
Felix realises that his abiding angst had caused in him a brusque manner, much as Alphonse Capone would have.
Understandable, with his nerves so on edge.
But the involuntary heist, that was… good.
As footpads do, he began to think of himself more as a bandit.
Pursuing to the ends of the earth, pariahs never allowed pause. The man first and then the woman, or just the man?

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