The Compendium of Degenerates – part 10

compendiumOtmar and Ottilie count out their money for the first month’s rent and other necessities. They have some over.
—We should celebrate, she beams.
So they allow themselves a day of seeing the sights. Art and culture, one of the big ways people raise themselves. The Museum, which is free, a stroll in the park to clear the head, with the idea of then having a restaurant meal on the Ku’damm, keep body and soul together.
So though the doors into the Museum
The old Dresden porcelain,
The old thalers lost by their owners and dug out of the ground,
The old paintings of peasants with snoods,
But, without any warning, when they come to the Egyptian rooms, with their mummies and urns and papyruses and fresco fragments, Ottilie gasps and shrinks away. A hand to her forehead, she staggers.
He thinks at first she is joking, putting on a drama,
—I cannot be here, not a moment longer,
And the rest of the day flashes to ashes. All she can do is totter, him supporting. On the trolley bus ride home, she clings tight to his elbow, shivering.
At home she lies on their mean bed, with a compress. Some psychic disturbance has hit her hard.
Egypt shall be widowed; the country shall be abandoned by the gods,
The Nile shall not run with water, but shall run with blood.
Odysseus locomotes, his wife should not. The mood of Odysseus on having to try to return to a constantly-moving wife would not be great.
Osiris is recoalesced by his faithful Isis. She scampers round Egypt collecting up the various body parts.

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