The Compendium of Degenerates – part 11

compendiumFlorian the pollster. Although he has made no such promise, scrupulously not, his subjects often gain the vague impression a verbal contract has been entered into. A free drink in return for their input.
So after his survey, with its very few questions, has been completed, often there is a gap, a pause, pregnant:
—Where’s my beer?
Florian, the pollster, would like to know, please:
—In which area do you think the government has performed worst?
Choices: Hyperinflation – Jobs – the Economy (generally) – War reparations – Foreign relations.
—Whom do you most trust in the handling of the Republic’s economy?
Hermann Ehrhardt – Waldemar Pabst – Wolfgang Kapp – Walter Rathenau – Jakob Mierscheid – Clara Zetkin?
Florian worms among the Kneipe drinkers, among the people all looking out for themselves, greedy and over-cautious about friendship, He does bars, of course, works canteens, meetings, sometimes even people accosted at random on the street. Florian the pollster with his careful moustache and ramrod back, the brown and cream of his suit — SA, his respondents often assumed, which did no harm as far as Florian was concerned. This is the future, and Florian is mightily impressed with himself for discovering such a powerful tool.
—By a scientific assessment of the people’s opinions, not only we can give them what they want, but we can pinpoint issues not publicly prominent, or thought in any way important – and that is vital for society Yes, it is the people and their knowledge, bottom up, truly a socialism. And you could never do this in Russia – there, they have to be very careful what they say…
Would you wish to see more active resistance towards the French occupation of the Ruhr region? Yes / No.
At the end of Bund is Putsch. Which would translate to, from a podium, in his reveries: Arbeiter! Genossen! We must reject the pathetic views of Peoples’ Party, they are sleepwalking into disaster!

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