The Compendium of Degenerates – part 12

compendiumThe cloth remained on the barkeep’s shoulder, ghostly of the casual and practised flick, ein Bund Idioten, the SPD guys are in the Niedrige Kneipe tonight, unruly and impossible.
—Mierscheid will pay, he is in the john.
The SPD make a run for it, scattering across Mulackstraße. They are anarchists really, the bastards. They’re so useless they can’t even decide who is their leader.
As Florian is just completing Ashenbach, Gustav, 68, veteran of the Franco-Prussian campaign — married three times — never met a woman he could really get on with, who can — isn’t too worried which ideology — but wants more street lights because of the crime—
They come in. He can feel their presence behind him, a great horde, black stockings,
He gets a wolf-whistle from one of the transvestites. He turns to look, and his heart sinks, scheiße.
Pim flips hi honey fingers at him. He is wearing a vivid banana cocktail dress, slashed to the navel, a saucy monkey out for the night.
Go away Pim. Please… go away.
—Hallo, old friend, not managed to snag yourself a wife yet?
Minces up Pim,
—Else you’d be home banging.
This said, letting rip a raspberry of derision.

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