The 24 Deaths of MH – Part 2

The Journalist is persistent and dedicated; she has a lot of integrity.
Specifically tasked, she lies in wait for him, the Pathologist.
Winsome, that specific species of prettiness, she thinks she can probably screw herself up into, for a sufficient length of time to accomplish the job.
And the probity, on which she prides herself madly, is always there,
Which will hide her teeth vulpine.

Except, because the Pathologist wasn’t born yesterday, he says:— Look I can’t. I really can’t. It’s against the rules, and unethical.
But the Journalist already knows it’s going to begin roughly like this — she has more.
She gives him the usual speech about it being important for freedom and democracy, if the public are kept fully informed then the world must be improved, no caveats to that. I give you the world as sincere, look at me…
—And for yourself some small emolument must surely be in order.
Now she’s talking, but his vanity still doesn’t want to lose the argument.
—You know I can’t.
The unmistakable suggestion arrives unsaid from her. But with a control. Coaxing, cajoling, wheedling, she might be, a habitual flirtatious mess she is not.
Here I stand in front of you. The prospect is also standing here in front of you.
And her shoes are the neatest with which a woman has ever importuned herself in front of him.

His phone, at that very instant, breaks the tension. He receives a call from somebody and says yes six times, I see twice, and ok, I’ll be there, goodbye.
—You know MH, the rock star, he says. Well, it’s very unfortunate, MH has just died in a shooting incident, right out of the blue… It was outside a club.
She looks at him with a completely noncommittal expression.
The Pathologist is gathering his own thoughts. (I have to get back to the lab. It’s bound to me getting the gig, skilled as I am. Why else would my boss be calling?)
He makes a face of regret — irritating how things had turned out.
—You’ll have to excuse me… You do understand?
His expressed regret also included a distinct component of ‘I do hope we can continue this some other time…’
—I quite understand, she says.
And gives no indication that she does not fully understand.

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