This I know, the symbol is the gateway to delusion, Blurring to deceiving smoke The border between fact and error. Making havoc in the brain’s fine algebra, By symbol, the fantastic structure is made too strong, Too firm a palace against sad reality. She has been kidnapped from her usual world of glitter and luxury,Continue reading “Bellefleur”

Hedy Lamarr’s Tuna Salad Recipe

1 One evening, Olivia de Havilland prepares — with great concern to adhere to the strict instructions on the tin, even to the extent of using her reading glasses — Hedy Lamarr’s Marine Fresh™ Skipjack Tuna Salad recipe, and finds it not good. Lettuce, hard-boiled egg, apple, celery. Cardboard, she reckons, multiply. As tasteless as.Continue reading “Hedy Lamarr’s Tuna Salad Recipe”