Went Down To Hell

I went down to Hell, and found there none who thought their time above had been thieved from them, That another minute would have improved. Went down to Hell, and found vanity as the cess, the sump, the prime despatch; never would have thought it, given the world as it is, but vanity had beenContinue reading “Went Down To Hell”

The Leader on his Balcony

The leader is there on his balcony, waving and saluting, And a ten thousand are gathered below as a mass, shouting up their grievances to the far dot, unavailingly; The leader acts as if it is great applause, more waving and saluting, the most you’ll ever get is if he cups a hand to anContinue reading “The Leader on his Balcony”

Perseus and Medusa 3

If you were the only boy in the world, slick drama of amour fou, And you were the only girl, With Medusa as the fiancée and Perseus as the brother, at first disinterested, then warming; their silent diction quite superb to tell the undercurrents across a peopled room. Desire? Then cross the oceans at myContinue reading “Perseus and Medusa 3”

Perseus and Medusa 2

The image is of the people in their kinetics, and only trompe l’oeil that they always oppose, that Perseus must go contraflow every day of his being. Their Brownian motions, tracks as noodles on a plate, all’onda as a bowl of risotto, The image is of one in a multitude, quickly then slowly, smoothly, theContinue reading “Perseus and Medusa 2”

Perseus and Medusa 1

Medusa everywhere, Medusa quoted, employed, Medusa multiplied, The propagation extreme, the inseminatrix must have her will, her harvest have. The image is of her congregation, her praise, worship to support her precious barque, waters she accepts at the flood. Babies are held up for her to bless, or look on, diseases shown to her, thirstyContinue reading “Perseus and Medusa 1”