Dante Inferno 19 (first part)

The Third Bolgia: Simoniacs. Pope Nicholas III. Some kind of amuse-bouche for the altar of Canto Nineteen, And Malebolge parts three, four, five, coming seriatim… Yo there, roll up, roll up, You’ll see psychics burned to crisps, You’ll see quacks turned to dust Roll up, roll up, to see sorcerers! But most, here will beContinue reading “Dante Inferno 19 (first part)”

Dante Inferno 9 (1st part)

The Furies and Medusa. The Angel. The Sixth Circle: Heresiarchs. The help hasn’t arrived yet. And words to loosen a piton, Most accidents happen on the descent, The dawdling help of God, an uncertain, occasional vision, reliability low, My face scrubbed chalk cowardly white, when I noticed my guide turning back, and I’m sure fearContinue reading “Dante Inferno 9 (1st part)”

Dante Inferno 8 (first part)

I forgot to say, it had slithered under the mind, Before, back then, at the top of the tower, two small flames, Or lights, signalling to a misty further down – beacons of Napoleonic coming, ‘Ware Frenchies, or as mundane as the bell-hop summoned – Which had signalled back. To the great repository of wisdom,Continue reading “Dante Inferno 8 (first part)”

Dante, Inferno Canto VI

After the family that loved too much, senses returned, New sinners and their sufferings, my mosquito eyes went everywhere, The third circle, rain, cold and heavy, barrage and forage, rain, Unchanging, the earth’ll not be fine tomorrow. Stones, Huge, hail, from the unstated above, Here’s cats and dogs, and dancing on the souls, with clawsContinue reading “Dante, Inferno Canto VI”