Tulse Luper – 27. Quiddities

He will not eat:— bananas, cheese, rabbit, garlic. She won’t drink tea. Won’t even touch it. She makes his tea, but treats it as if radioactive in her arms-length operations. Their offspring does not eat:— cabbage, calabrese, brussels sprouts, cauliflower. But Luper will claim to have logic in his cause, because they are all theContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 27. Quiddities”

Tulse Luper – 26. Film Canisters

In 1962, when Luper is being transferred to the hospital by the two prison guards, we are shown Lephrenic watching them from behind a diamond wire fence. When the point of view transfers to that of Lephrenic, there’s no fence obscuring Luper and the guards. Earlier, in a scene that must be set in 1930Continue reading “Tulse Luper – 26. Film Canisters”

Tulse Luper – 24. Cherries

From the testimony of Hugo Vanhoenacker, a railway employee in Antwerp during the Second World War. —It was in 1940, about a month or six weeks after the Blitzkrieg, services were starting up again, not to the normal extent. There were still many displaced people and no real organisation, but we were in a betterContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 24. Cherries”

Tulse Luper – 23. X-Ray Equipment

Truthful or untruthful, there is no label or tag attached to the suitcase. —As I understand it, the contents are unknown, because nobody has opened the suitcase since it was abandoned. —That is correct. —And the other parties wish the contents to remain unknown at the present time. —We do, your Honour. The defence demandsContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 23. X-Ray Equipment”

Tulse Luper – 22. Cleaning Fluids

A bump, a scuffle and a giggle suppressed, to these Fru Budde was accustomed. The smuggling of a girl and Fru Budde an excise man, with telescope she was lying in wait, servant of good Queen Anne, ready to board the sloop in the black night. To knock, and suggest that the lady should notContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 22. Cleaning Fluids”

Tulse Luper – 21. Bloodied Wallpaper

Fru Budde, who has the same name as the landlady in Today in Copenhagen, has been talking. —Bacon. And radish he was partial to, salted and giving up its water in the dish. When he was here, we never had any trouble from him, so I don’t understand how it all came about. I sayContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 21. Bloodied Wallpaper”

Tulse Luper – 20. Chess Pieces (All White Knights)

To return to that described as the Relstab image: there is no known instance of a place, city, town or village, named Relstab, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia or Hungary. Ludwig Rellstab (†14 February 1983) was a German chess master, but this should be accounted a red herring. In defiance of theContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 20. Chess Pieces (All White Knights)”

Tulse Luper – 19. Children

He was there to prospect for uranium, believing there was money in it. He kept very quiet about his other reason. So they sat by the Colorado river and speculated what the future might bring them. As young people do. Young people thinking they had some control over the flamelike actions of fate, That aContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 19. Children”