Les Demoiselles

les demoiselles

In Paris in 1911, it’s raining every day and the Mona Lisa has been stolen.

We already know who did it, but suspicion falls on one Pablo Picasso, artist – or maybe it’s his pal, Apollinaire, who has problems of his own when attacked by a one-legged corpse.

Both pinned to l’Inspecteur Marchon’s notice-board:—
A yellowing newspaper photograph of the notorious Octave Garnier, he of Bonnot Gang fame, taken from a police mug shot, overlaid with pencil work, a pirate eye-patch and beard, excellent scar. Thought to be the work of young Master Marcel, when the Duchamp household was investigated on some matter.
And next to it, the very mug shot itself.
Making the best exposition of the Art Twins.
Art exists only to communicate. Garnier perishes in a police shoot-out in 1912. It was never that he was going to reach successfully the guillotine.

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