Dante, Inferno Canto 20 (2nd part)

Out of Vivaldi into Bruckner, canyon curved, I saw souls solemn, a slow slow march advancing, mute, At the pace of holy sober Easter procession And why? On closer inspection, toes and heads were faced different. Twisted to face the way they’d come. (Maybe it’s possible With palsy, ataxia, dystonia up there, But I don’tContinue reading “Dante, Inferno Canto 20 (2nd part)”

Dante, Inferno Canto 20 (1st part)

Twenty, twenty is so round and simple and when the lewd question is popped, The temptation so simple, make money while you can, Not tomorrow, carve it and grow it and love it now, Put good hard cash in your pocket, Get the pension seen to and sorted, By offering them their aching dreams inContinue reading “Dante, Inferno Canto 20 (1st part)”

Dante, Inferno Canto 19 (3rd part)

Flabbergasted – I didn’t know what to say, Trying to think of something, but Just standing there and taking it, Think, think… but nothing comes out Virgil prompted me: —Enlighten him at once. You need to set this straight. You’re not the one, go on. I got myself together and replied as I was told,Continue reading “Dante, Inferno Canto 19 (3rd part)”

Dante, Inferno Canto 19 (2nd part)

Along the sides and on its floor, the garish rock punched with portholes, Accurately, or basins, pockets, niches, (Baptismal basins, very like those in San Giovanni, I remember, A few years ago, someone, no names, got drunk, And may have decided to have a paddle in one of them, his decision, I had to breakContinue reading “Dante, Inferno Canto 19 (2nd part)”

Dante Inferno 19 (first part)

The Third Bolgia: Simoniacs. Pope Nicholas III. Some kind of amuse-bouche for the altar of Canto Nineteen, And Malebolge parts three, four, five, coming seriatim… Yo there, roll up, roll up, You’ll see psychics burned to crisps, You’ll see quacks turned to dust Roll up, roll up, to see sorcerers! But most, here will beContinue reading “Dante Inferno 19 (first part)”