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Tuesday, Aug 28, download The Black Lagoon for your Kindle absolutely FREE! The Black Lagoon on or Pirates, but not as we know them… He let fall the Water through his Fingers. A Potentate needs make a Splash. ‘T was as if he had ordered a Sea be made, Except the Sea wasContinue reading “The Black Lagoon Free Kindle download”

The Black Lagoon 3.3

As Pulpitt spoke more fully, and became more animated, the Governor wondered on him. Now so many men come to the Indies to escape, in their guilty attitude they utter it as loud as parrots—then how is a man without brawn or any fighting spirit, such as Mr Pulpitt, come here? Has he committed someContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 3.3”

The Black Lagoon 3.2

“Indeed so, Mr Wrotney,” said Mr Pulpit. “We are in good relations with our cousins of English America, so that we have a small empire already. And I can well imagine Disputations between the East Indies and the West, should we to stand here a hundred years from now, if not, as a sadness, Wars.Continue reading “The Black Lagoon 3.2”

The Black Lagoon 3.1

“There is not a sensible Man alive who will not accept the West Indies to be a new Power,” said Parson Wrotney. At table, and Mr Pulpitt was not fixing his mind on the conversations, wrapt up after the Governor had explained his requirements, eating away, some kind of cabbage and cream, and a fowlContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 3.1”

The Black Lagoon 2.3

Because Imagination can lead to Error, by its very Nature. That Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, deck’d himself with Fuse, and lighted it on Engagement with his Enemies to provide a scaring sight — as a contrary it could be asserted to be less good to engage Enemies during a Time when you are unsureContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 2.3”

The Black Lagoon 2.2

Imagination can be a gambler. Per example, in the running of greyhounds, or coursing of hares, Or if men are sparring, caught by a strong visualisation — the like of that of any barefoot preacher, that you are sure of the result. Woe unto Mr. Tobias, for I have hankering for Mr. Jemson this afternoonContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 2.2”

The Black Lagoon 2.1

It is a great imagination to make a ship in reversal — which creates a small demesne where the world, therefore all the Laws of the World, must be put also in reversal; a Blotch, which might wax across the whole globe, or has the capabilitie to. But then this is an odd World. ImaginationContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 2.1”

The Black Lagoon 1.3

The French have used the steam of water to drive a rotating wheel, but that is for the future, and now the drivers and their mules stood ready, and a good band of crewmen were similarly prepared over their levers — and if the Hull should veer, other wights to rescue her. Mr Pulpitt wasContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 1.3”

The Black Lagoon 1.2

“That Spanish sloop, the two-master, at Port Royal this year or more, you know it,” said Sir Benjamin. “Mouldering, that none has a use for, will she sail? If she is not twenty chains from the shore at all times, can she be sailed here?” To Mr Knapp, his second of administration, who sucked atContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 1.2”

The Black Lagoon 1.1

Set in Jamaica in 1691, there are pirates, sober pirates, unspeakable deckhands, mermaids, the voyage to Terra Incognita, and Jamaica’s last Monkey. Sir Benjamin Saintsbury, the Governor of Jamaica, walked his estate and not from God received his great inspiration. His estate two miles down the track from Port Royal, a haven, separated from theContinue reading “The Black Lagoon 1.1”