Rarely revealing anything of their private universe, signs are forthright about which part of the signee’s universe is to be abbreviated. Signs are hectoring. It has been at least a couple of years now since I saw a sign counselling: Go Forth and be Free. I saw it in my head. Anyway, these are fortunatelyContinue reading “Signs”

Blade on the Feather: Dennis Potter

Blade on the Feather (1980) by Dennis Potter. Essentially, never trust an old Etonian. Recommended despite the presence of Tom Conti – what higher recommendation could there be? Donald Pleasence does his usual Rolls-Royce acting bit, and there aren’t too many of the usual Potter preoccupations to tick off… but obviously there have to beContinue reading “Blade on the Feather: Dennis Potter”

Lindsay Anderson – The White Bus (1967)

The White Bus (1967). This film contains, apparently, Anthony Hopkins’s first screen role – towards the end, blink and you’ll miss it… Many years ago, I used to see Lindsay Anderson (as a rather infirm and bent-over old chap) every Saturday morning, waiting for Finchley Road Waitrose to open… We mainly talked about the WaitroseContinue reading “Lindsay Anderson – The White Bus (1967)”

Compulsory voting – Vote ‘No Candidate’

Well, if it’s to be compulsory voting – then I’d suggest an explicit option to vote for ‘No Candidate’ should be included. And if ‘No Candidate’ wins, then a further ballot excluding all previous candidates. That would be far too much democracy for them… Of course compulsory voting is a good thing |

Prism, Lockheed Martin and the UK Census

Lockheed Martin is not a telecommunications service provider as such, and therefore not part of the American NSA’s Prism programme, but in the light of revelations it might felt important to reconsider their involvement in the UK census of 2011, and the present government’s assurances on the matter. Lockheed Martin – which does 80% ofContinue reading “Prism, Lockheed Martin and the UK Census”