Tulse Luper – 14. Chess Pieces (all white knights)

To return to that described as the Relstab image: there is no known instance of a place, city, town or village, named Relstab, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia or Hungary. Ludwig Rellstab (†14 February 1983) was a German chess master, but this should be accounted a red herring. In defiance of theContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 14. Chess Pieces (all white knights)”

Tulse Luper – 13. Encyclopedias

Of course, for every child it is a shock: finding themself in charge of, or enslaved by, such a powerful, wayward tool as a whole human brain. In the context of the universe, an enormous weapon for any moral imperative, producing the sense of entrapment. This being he and no other, and with no cease,Continue reading “Tulse Luper – 13. Encyclopedias”

Tulse Luper – 12. Clothes

The bitter bitter euphemism. Because they flee from nasty secrets, don’t they. Bats in the belfry, the birds and the bees, approved school and parson’s nose, The devil’s brew, Negative Patient Care Outcome. Something for the weekend, sir? In grotesque and warping fear of being Stripped of the Clothes, to finish more ever degraded thanContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 12. Clothes”

Tulse Luper – 11. Holy Earth

The sick feeling, queasy, gastric poisonous, when he established that the lower person was none other than Vanika Cannon. In her father’s chicken-shed. On top of her an Angel, in copulation, the Angel holding her arms as she vaguely fought him off. It was Luper’s definite opinion that she was trying to fight him off.

Tulse Luper – 9. Passports

The first landfall after Cardiff was Port of Spain. The cargo, demerara sugar. A tramp steamer, so named because it has no fixed schedule or published ports of call. The captain is on the bottle, amontillado, Auslese, burgundy, chablis, champagne, claret, marsala, moselle, port, and sherry. He wanders in and out. The crew watch him,Continue reading “Tulse Luper – 9. Passports”

Tulse Luper – 8. Flower Bulbs

Enactments, elaborations: at the beginning, we have an occurrence and two repetitions of that occurrence. Firstly, and dominantly, the sense of imprisonment in a dark place, which has to be the womb, the Nativity. Here, the mother is not well-defined. She is present only because she need be, certainly this need not be a FreudianContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 8. Flower Bulbs”

Tulse Luper – 7. Cakes, of Soap

A harvest moon in the sky, but it is already November, the harvest has been brought in. With red hair, until it began to streak grey, she will hum, dipping the melody into song a snatch at a time. First line of the tune with seven notes — to fit the seven syllables of MorgenlichtContinue reading “Tulse Luper – 7. Cakes, of Soap”